Bali’s Instagrammable Places for Foodies


Cafés in Bali are numerous and diverse! We have compiled a list of the most charming and distinguished one’s for you. Here are the many Insta worthy cafe’s you have to visit during your vacation here in Seminyak:

  • Sisterfields – Regardless of the 30 min wait for a table, Sisterfields boasts dining standards and a laid back ambience worth the wait. With wooden materials complimenting the sophisticated menu, Sisterfields is a must if you want to snap delicious food and a rustic yet contemporary atmosphere. Because of our strategic location, we may become your favorite alternative breakfast spot!
    550 m from The colony hotel, 7 min walking distance
Sisterfields bali

Pic credit: Sisterfields Bali

  • Nook– You may have to stray away from Seminyak to visit Nook, but we have to say that this restaurant not only feeds your appetite, but feeds your eyes as well. With arguably the healthiest and best nasi campur in Bali, Nook offers a casual dining experience like no other.

    As you dine, the restaurant presents you with a breathtaking view of the paddy fields. It has a vintage shack vibe that automatically makes you feel like you’re in a warung and is worth a capture with your refreshing meal. It’s affordable, simple, and compliments the island of Bali.

    2.1km from The Colony hotel, 9 min ride with a taxi
nook bali

Pic credit: Nook

  • Livingstone/Buro collaborative concept store– Livingstone cafe and bakery is situated on the first floor of a two storey building. This cafe in Seminyak has an extensive menu of Indonesian and western food combined. With it’s gorgeous wooden and industrial interior flooded with natural light, a picture of your cuppa and meal in Livingstone is a must have for your Instagram feed.

    Just above Livingstone is Buro collaborative concept store. A specialty coffee shop filled with the most renowned lifestyle and local clothing brands to bring from your trip to Bali. Its minimalist, spacious, and cozy space can add soft soft pastel colors in your Instagram feed, especially when you’re a hardcore flaylay enthusiast.

    The concept Buro emphasis is good coffee with a comfortable work space. So if you’re a digital nomad or just looking to get some work done during your travels, Buro is the place to be.

    1.8km from The Colony hotel, 8 min taxi ride

Pic credit: Livingstone

  • Revolver Espresso – Every coffee, every meal, every smile, FOR YOU. That’s Revolver’s mission, and they mean it! You will love this place for its particular and well thought of layout and décor. More than just the premise, the food and drinks (especially the coffee!) are mouthwatering and delicious.

    The cafe is tucked away in a narrow alley only fit for motorbikes. Outside the cafe are charming outdoor booths filled with graffiti, magazine cut outs, and stranger confessions.This quirky spot has become popular for visitors to take pictures at and have a smoke break. It is definitely Instagram friendly.

    650m from The Colony hotel, 8 min walking distance
revolver bali

Pic credit: Revolver Espresso

  • Titik Temu– We are aware of Sisterfields just being down the road, but it can get very crowded and your other Instagram solution is Titik Temu. Translating to “meeting point” in english, Titik Temu is situated in a small alley that will eventually introduce you to a bigger complex.

    The highlights of this pleasant cafe is the iconic set of stairs that represent a minimalist value. It’s very traditional and homey, so you won’t have any troubles settling in for a meal!

    550m from The Colony hotel, 7 min walking distance
titik temu

Pic credit: Titik Temu

It doesn’t end here! If you’re an active user on Instagram, dedicate your photography to the hidden gems in Seminyak and other cafe’s and restaurants for a particular vibe you’re looking for. You know what else is Instagrammable? The Colony hotel Seminyak! With the luxury of being situated in the heart of Seminyak, you have the best access to your destinations in Seminyak.

Our hotels also represent our industrial, clean and minimalist design that we do love to see featured on your Instagram feed.

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