Best beaches for surfing in Bali


Despite its young age, Bali is a top surfing destination beside the likes of Australia, California, and Hawaii. Bali’s high influx of tourists generally lasts from April to October, as the wet season takes place during the remaining part of the year.

Worry not because Bali is great for surfing all year round. Rainy months can still have sunny days and, in fact, are perfect for newbie surfers, since the waves are smaller and less intimidating. Plus, you’ll be able to avoid the peak season and learn how to surf with fewer crowds! If you fall into the novice category, choosing the right surf school can be quite tough. While famous surf points like Uluwatu, Padang Padang, and Bingin Beach lure in experienced surfers and daredevils, here are the best beaches for beginner surfing in Bali:

Surfing in Bali - kuta beach area

1 Kuta

Kuta can be dubbed as the hub of anything popular and trending in Bali. It is also the island’s first surfer’s beach. Young locals followed in the footsteps of Robert Koke, an American expat hotelier, who first set out riding waves on his homemade Honolulu-style board in 1936. Kuta has grown substantially since then, but no doubt it’s still a favorite spot for learners. The beach is known for its consistent, fun waves for beginners in small swells. The sandy stretch is lined with plenty of surf schools you can choose from.

Surfing in Bali - Legian Beach Area

2 Legian

Heading further north from Kuta, you will find its sister resorts on the Legian beach. It borders parts of Kuta and both have similar crowds and similar wave heights, making these two surf spots ideal for rookies. This beach is abundant with beachside vendors selling cheap snacks, cold beverages, and Balinese souvenirs. It’s a fun place to hang around after completing your surf lessons.

Surfing in Bali - Tuban Beach Area

3 Tuban

This quiet surf spot is located near the airport. Tuban beach is an ideal option for beginners to master riding waves and practice your balance as you have more freedom to paddle around. Because it is a less popular surf beach compared to Kuta and Legian, you will have more opportunities to get waves. If you are anxious to get in the waters but have been meaning to try it out, Tuban is a good introduction to surfing.

Surfing in Bali - Seminyak Beach

4 Seminyak

Seminyak beach is a continuation of Kuta and Legian offering the same conditions for newbies. The mega trendy Seminyak, however, will leave you lounging in one of its popular beach clubs and dining in quality restaurants, such as Ku De Ta and Potato Head. Backpackers tend to stay in the Kuta area, while the younger crowd tends to gravitate towards Seminyak or its neighboring area, Canggu.

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