Cafes in Seminyak for the plant based traveler


Being based in Seminyak for so long, we have noticed the abundance of healthy, colorful, and locally sourced vegan and vegetarian cafes. If you’ve been struggling to eat fresh vegan or vegetarian food in Bali’s most fashionable district, Seminyak, struggle no more!

From vibrant Bohemian style cafes serving exquisite raw chocolate to Bistros with ‘fake meat’ that even the most stubborn meat eater can’t tell the difference. Bali has become a haven for people seeking an improved lifestyle and healthier alternative of enjoying the food.

Today, this tiny paradise boasts a large community of vegans and vegetarians that are slowly expanding from Ubud, Canggu, and finally Seminyak. Here is a list of 3 cafes and restaurants that serve the most delicious yet healthy fixes that are 100% guilt free:

  1. KYND Community: The vegan movement is proving stronger than ever through this petite cafe on Petitenget. Think again if you thought you’d only find vegan hangouts in Ubud or Canggu because the KYND Community will give you a whole new experience by spreading positive vibes and a feel good atmosphere. The cafe has had a queue ever since its first day of opening on Seminyak’s hottest eat street, and this plant based cafe is slowly showing Bali how cruelty-free food can be. KYND Community serves vegan breakfast food, healthy & delectable juices, smoothies, and most importantly good vibes.
    1,2km from The Colony Hotel, 5 min ride with a taxi.KYND Restaurant and Cafes comunity near seminyak
  2. Mad Pops: Mad Pops is a vegan ice-cream shop that serves artisanal popsicles and ice cream made with locally sourced seasonal fruits from Bali. Aspiring to make the world a better place, Mad Pops produces cold, healthy, and tasty treats for a hot day out on Seminyak’s buzzing street.Apart from the fresh, high-quality ingredients, Mad Pops owner Ayu and her team, put a lot of love and energy into their pops! Their products contain no food coloring, no preservatives, and only uses a pinch of organic palm or local raw sugar and a coconut milk base. Because their flavors are seasonal, just like nature, don’t worry if your favorite flavor isn’t available, it will return!
    650m from The Colony Hotel, 9 min walking distance.mads pop ice cream Cafes
  3. Earth cafe: Under the same ownership as Down to Earth, this raw vegetarian restaurant offers an extensive selection of food as well as one of the largest health food grocery stores in Bali. It is a hidden gem and is a paradise for all conscious eaters out there. The restaurant facilitates a fridge stocked with 100% organic ingredients, a marvelous collection of holistic healing books to read or buy, and a yoga retail corner. The restaurant aims to educate consumers and suppliers about sustainable & health oriented cooking, ideal lifestyle practices, labor awareness, and farming. Join Earth cafe if you want to be part of a community that spreads a compassionate, non-violent, and health-conscious living.
    1,4km from The Colony Hotel, 10 min ride with a taxi.Earth Cafes

As a boutique hotel in the heart of Seminyak, let us accommodate you to make access to these many culinary places easy and time-saving. The Colony Hotel also has an in-house culinary treat known as Urchin. Despite not being a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, we guarantee local and fresh produce that can be customized to your needs while staying with us.

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