5 Colourful Bars in Bali


Bali’s vibrant and sometimes infamous nightlife is but one of the many reasons why tourists keep flocking back to this beautiful tropical paradise. The island is not short for entertainment and while most clubs, bars and beach clubs can be found spread across Seminyak, Kuta and Legian, the island’s vivacious and electrifying nightlife can be found concentrated around Jalan Camplung Tanduk, in Seminyak. Here, you’ll find most of the Bali’s clubbing joints which are filled with a multicultural community that includes expatriates, locals and tourists congregating in the most excellent bars in Seminyak for some roaring good time.

One great thing about these bars in Seminyak is that they are located right next to each other, making it easy and ideal for bar-hopping. They are impossible to miss, with bright lights, loud thumping music and exciting interior with stages and bright, colourful lights that are so inviting. If you have not yet been to any of Seminyak’s thrilling and intriguing bars, here are the 5 of the very best to get you started:

Colourful Bars in Bali

  • Mixwell Bar – This is one of the most popular bars in Seminyak that is very strategically located and has a fantastic drag show every single night. Expect a lively crowd of expats, tourists and locals. The best time to head to the bar is close to midnight when the singing and dancing are in full swing. The DJs and the shows will have you on the dance floor throughout the night till the early morning while the bartenders mix delicious and refreshing cocktails while you dance away.
    2km from The Colony Hotel, 10 min ride with taxi
  • Sky Garden – Formerly known as “Club Pride”, this is a rooftop lounge that welcomes “All colors of the rainbow” famous for their rooftop venue therefore renamed “Sky Garden”. It is beautifully decorated with a colourful and hip interior. While this fourth-floor party hub is no longer called Club Pride, its regular guests still frequent it to this day. The bartenders here offer creative cocktails to pair it with the amazing sound system and the unbeatable music and you’ll be sure to have an unbelievably good time. You can’t afford to sit down while you’re here; the dance floor is definitely the place to be.
    7km from The Colony Hotel, 30 min ride with taxi
  • Potato Head Beach Club – Known for its global blend of eating good food, libations, and entertainment, Potato Head Beach Club has given their visitors a glimpse of island living and a memorable time in Bali. Luring customers in with their quirky architecture, the venue was designed with an artisitic approach. Regardless of being popular for scheduled events, Potato Head Beach Club offers a great escape everyday through their wide variety of cocktails, a pool by the beach and a chilled out setting with funky tunes.
    900m from The Colony Hotel, 10 min walking distance
  • La Favela – The clubbing & bar scene in Seminyak has drastically evolved recently and La Favela was a part of this revolutionary movement. Originaly, La Favela functions as a gastronomic restaurant. But during the weekends, the Seminyak nightlife comes to play and La Favela turns into a club. What really brings this club to life is the focused antique design from the floors and walls to the furniture’s in order to complete the illusion of a cosy colonial building. The architecture is backed up by international DJs playing disco, r&b, hip-hop, and also some blast from the past playing 60’s, 70’s and 80’s msic. Whether you’re here to dine, drink, or dance, La Favela is your oasis of all things chill while you get to hang around an international crowd.
    1km from The Colony Hotel, 15 min walking distance, 7 min ride with taxi
  • Urchin Bali – Many poeple believe that visitors who stay at Seminyak are spoilt because of the choice of restaurants available in the area. How could you be more spoilt if one of the must-go-to-bars is located right at your hotel! Urchin offers a unique “Raw bar” that is a must to experience as ingredients they provide are both of local and international produce. You get a taste of Bali as well as have their staff recommend what wine choice goes well with your dish. With their forte in seafood, cocktails here are a match made in heaven with your raw meals. Not to mention their tropical vibes glowing from their interior to complete your dining & drinking experience here in the island of the Gods.
    Located right in front of The Colony Hotel
bars in bali - Urchin Bali

Pic credit : Urchin Bali

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