Things You Should Know About Nyepi

Posted on 17 March 2017

If you are planning to visit Bali soon, you are in for an exciting experience. This is one of the top tourist destinations in Asia offering a blend of cultural practices, traditions, panoramic landscape, awe-inspiring festivals, temples, historical sites and…

Why Choose a Boutique Hotel?

Posted on 10 March 2017

There are myriad things to consider when planning for a trip. One of the most important items in your planning list should be accommodation. As an avid traveler, you appreciate how the wrong choice of accommodation can ruin even the…

Benefits of Balinese Massage

Posted on 03 March 2017

One of the highlights of your trip to Bali should be a Balinese massage. It is true every neighborhood in your city has a spa but what a Balinese offers cannot be replicated in any other place. This type of…

Know These Before Your First Visit to Bali

Posted on 17 February 2017

bali seminyak colony water

If this is your first visit to Bali, it is important that you know what to expect.  Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the best out of your first visit to Bali: Crowds – This is…