Spa isn’t only for women, but men too!


Just escaped from the everyday horrors of a hectic lifestyle combined with harsh aging effects of the pollution, frequent shaving, and tireless travels? Welcome to Bali, Seminyak! Home to local and international run establishments, these men friendly spa are ready to unknot your muscles and take you to a world of bliss and serenity.

We know that the harsh, cruel environment takes a toll on our skin, yet not many people put much thought that this is applied to both men and women. Most spas today have become gender-neutral, even some specifically for men proving people who generalize wrong, that men have finally caught up with a concept women have kept for themselves. Get ready for 2 spas for men in Seminyak that offers the ultimate experience where you can indulge in masculine relaxation, wellness, and grooming.

1. Coco Grande

The exclusively male spa with professional all-male therapists is conveniently located in a quiet area of Seminyak. Their packages are the combination of high-quality service and products to produce a wonderful massage experience. Their massage oils are made from natural scents that are used locally through the centuries ever since the birth of traditional massages. Put your mind and body at ease at the hands of Coco Grande’s expert staff to unwind after a heavy flight or a long day shopping.SPA Coco Grande For men in seminyak

2. Jari Menari

Claimed as ‘Bali’s best massage’, Jari Menari, which translates as ‘Dancing fingers’, is an award-winning spa run by an all-male staff. The spa was built on the foundation to help seek opportunities for men in the spa and wellness industry for their focused and consistent pressure which our guests prefer. Jari Menari’s all-male professional practitioner is ready to deliver an enchanting experience with enhanced relaxation and dispel tension using slow and steady movements on each individual guest.

Jari Menari best SPA for men in Seminyak

The Colony Hotel Seminyak exclusively provides Jari Menari’s massage services at the hotel. For more information about this facility, check out this link.

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