The Colony Hotel’s neighbors: Canggu Part 2


Glad for you to stick around to further find out about The Colony Hotel’s neighbor: Canggu.

The best cafés to get your morning fix

  1. Crate café

Could be considered as Bali’s hippest café, Crate café is hard not to miss. Owner Maree built Crate café under one belief: ‘Keep it consistent, keep it simple’.

Great create cafe near in Canggu

Source: Create Cafe Instagram

Experience meals at Crate getting more delicious with every order of their house-blended coffee, smoothie bowls made with fresh and local fruits, protein for your morning fuel, and really everything else. And for our vegan and vegetarian friends, not to worry, gluten-free and vegetarian treats are available.

  1. Hungry Bird coffee roasters

One of the very few locally owned and authentic third wave coffee roaster in Bali is Hungry Bird coffee roasters. Serving reasonably priced breakfast and lunch foods, this quirky little coffee shop is famous for its delicious cup of coffees.

Hungry Bird Cafe near hotel in bali

Source: Hungry bird Facebook

Serving coffee in different styles such as milk-based or manually brewed coffee, they are also noticed for their 2 talented staffs who holds latte art and manual brewing champions of Indonesia. To get a taste of the world’s most talked about the coffee producer, Indonesian coffee, Hungry Bird is the place to be.

The best nightlife venues

  1. Old Mans

Whenever anybody visits Echo beach, first stop would always be the famous Old Mans bar. While it doesn’t get as wild as Kuta, this bar has daily live music or DJ’s playing chill beats best paired with a bottle of the good old Bintang.

Old Mans cafee in Canggu

Source: Old Mans Website

The menu is well priced serving Indonesian-western fusion dishes that complement the wide selection of cocktails. The atmosphere is always chill because of the well thought of interior design and architecture that resembles somewhat of an art space. Get together at this beachfront beer garden to enjoy the best views of Echo Beach.

  1. Pretty Poison

Bali may not have been prepared for this new bar and skate bowl where you can get inked, where you drink.


Source: Pretty Poison Website

Pretty Poison is currently the hottest underground bar that compromises of the best live music, the coldest beers, the best skating action, and a place to get a tattoo. It is easy to find being on the main strip of the Canggu shortcut with a swarm of scooters, buzzing blubbers, skateboarders, and visual artists that run the night.