A guide to the weather in Bali Part 1


As you’ve heard, Bali is a tropical island where there are sunny days getting roasted at the tranquil beaches and meditating indoors at the local yoga shala as the skies turn grey. Here is your complete guide to the weather in Bali brought to you by Seminyak’s only Boutique hotel, The Colony Hotel.


From dry season to the rainy season, this article has got your back. We will help you decide when the best time to visit Bali is. Whether you’re seeking endless days of sunshine rays, cool and refreshing sea temperatures, don’t mind getting wet with bursts of rain showers, or looking to stay away from the humidity, The Colony Hotel will break down month by month on the weather in Bali.

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With Bali’s adrenaline pumping activities, beautiful sights to see and sounds to hear, and stunning beaches, the island is a huge draw of attention to tourists flocking all over the world to find out about this perfect holiday destination. The average year-round temperature and long summer days make Bali the perfect location to get your sun kissed glow on.


The weather in Bali during the month of January will be filled with the occasional downpours. With the peak of the wet season (October through April), the humidity is at its highest. So be prepared to feel the sensation of your shirt hugging you as you leave the luxury of your air-conditioned room.

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With an average rainfall of 300mls, January has to be Bali’s wettest month. However, this doesn’t always appear as a negative event. The heavy rain is often welcomed by residents of the island after months of Bali’s scorching heat. This calls for some serious indoor indulgence such as:

  • Spending some time at the spa. At The Colony Hotel, we facilitate award-winning Jari Menari massages. Meaning ‘Dancing fingers’, Jari Menari describes the flow of their practitioner’s fingers during these effective massage sessions. For more information, find out more about this facility here.
  • Bring home a unique experience of being able to cook a classic traditional Balinese dish! The island you’re in is part of the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia, and the original ‘spice island’. A great place to spend your rainy day taking in all the beautiful aromas and flavors of Bali is at Dean’s cooking class.

1.1km from The Colony Hotel, 5 min ride by taxi


The month of love has arrived, and what’s a better way than to spend it in an island that embodies the definition of paradise. But the weather circumstances can seem to make celebrating this beautiful event a little tricky.

Waterboom Kuta Bali

This month appears to be a little drier compared to January. Although, be prepared for a bipolar weather condition of the frequent rain and very hot, humid air. One thing you can’t doubt during this month is to hit the water parks in Bali! If the sun is out, it’s a nice time to grab some ice cream while watching peopmuchle scream from the water slides at Waterbom Bali, or even when it’s raining, get even wetter at the Splash! The waterpark that will take slide attractions to another level.

Waterbom Bali: 9km from The Colony Hotel, 30 min ride by taxi

Splash! Waterpark: 5km from The Colony Hotel, 15 min ride by taxi

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